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ON release new single ‘Gator’

Toronto-NYC indie rock power trio ON is back to blow our minds with their fresh single ‘Gator’, released via Toronto-based imprint Indiestructable Records. Like a 2000-pound-per-square-inch bite force from an Alligator, this 6/8 groove is a hook-laden rock waltz. It’s a parody and observation about living in a gated community amongst live Alligators roaming free. Gator’s meaning is two-fold.

“This song was written while the band was on a writing/recording session in Naples, Florida. We stayed in a gated community – meaning pass codes to enter the neighborhood and real “surveillance”. In the community was this pond – with freely roaming alligators. And there we have it – we think we are boundless and free – and yet we have lines and gates to keep us so called “safe”. There is the illusion – masking the element control as “safety”…. While the alligators roam freely. One begs to ask: who of the two “gators” is really free here?” says frontwoman Lucy Di Santo.

Dishing out infectious guitar riffs with a dash of groove, their adrenaline-laden music is a invigorating, the band paying homage to their post-punk, grunge, old-school funk and 90s college rock roots. ‘Gator’ follows up the band’s latest single ‘Make Me’, a song of frustration and wanting to recapture that euphoria.

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