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Lindsey Sampson delivers an ode to the duality of being ‘Gifted’ with new heartfelt single

Independent singer-songwriter Lindsey Sampson graces listeners with pastoral coo’s of reassurance on her new indie-rock single, ‘Gifted,’ out today.

Following the release of her recent 2022 project, ‘Night Driving,’ Sampson’s latest venture captures the experience of convincing yourself that it’s ok not to meet every expectation that might be weighing on you. People that have grown up labeled as “smart,” “talented,” or “Gifted” continue into adulthood burdened with the pressures of their everyday lives, and Sampson implores her listeners to give themselves grace, regardless of whether they become household names or otherwise. Essentially, this track delivers a response to various conversations the songwriter has had with friends who have had similar experiences. Her gentle-yet-expressive, vocals can be felt as an assurance that everything is, and will be okay; that it’s okay to not be perfect all the time. Expect to hear influences from artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Soccer Mommy, and Ry-Lo.

Sampson found that ‘Gifted’ had one of the longest writing processes in comparison to her other projects before she was able to accurately convey the message she’d been wanting to share for so long. The artist wrote the first verse during the pandemic whilst lodging with her best friend at a cabin on Mt. Hood in Oregon. Those initial lines lingered in Sampson’s head for about four months before the remainder of the track was completed. The message of this project was so prominent for Sampson that she tirelessly wrestled with it until it became something she truly loved, with the melodies and lyrics arriving at their own pace. Once satisfied, the singer collaborated with producer Daniel Radin in finalizing the version of ‘Gifted’ that listeners can prepare to spend the remainder of 2022 singing along to. By the time the collaboration took place, ‘Gifted’ had already assumed its identity; Radin worked with Sampson to add the finishing touches that invigorated the track and brought it to life. For Sampson, she hopes that listeners will be reminded to give themselves the grace to take a step back, breathe, and remember that everything is going to be ok.

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