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Scarlet release new single ‘Fear’

Scarlet’s new single ‘Fear’ marries together familiar strengths of catchy melodic hooks with big beefy guitar hooks that the band have become known for with a taste of something new as they experiment with elements of production, and subtle electronic embellishments.

The lyrics for ‘Fear’ carry an empathy and understanding for a subject many of their listeners might of experienced over thecourse of the last few years. That of fear, loneliness, but also hope and willingness to continue to better days. The carefully thought out musical arrangements of the guitars work alongside the other instruments to perfectly support the cleverly arranged vocal from section to section to create enormous anthemic peaks and sensitive drops in feeling.

“’Fear’ was one of those songs that we had no clue what we were writing about until it had all come together,” the band say. “We very quicklyrealised that we had channelled so much energy and passion into creating a vast universe/freedom/release feeling within asong.The lyrics to the song mirrored that as they were about Jessie’s experience over the last 2 years with depression and fear oflife as we were all hurled into the unknown, lost loved ones, and began to question how to move forward in a world that feltso changed from what we all once knew. There has been a strong theme of togetherness in our more recent efforts, and thishas stemmed from feeling quite alone and realising that everyone is feeling similarly”


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